A running shoe is as important to a runner as is a bow to an archer. This goes for professional athletes and those that take to the road or the treadmill regularly. You can only get the perfect running shoes if you are choosing from the right store. Specialty athletics gear shops are the best places to look. Unlike huge sport wear marts that sell anything sport related from skiing helmets to tennis rackets, specialty athletes wear shops stock high end athletic gear where you can easily find the perfect pair for your running routines.

The following tips will help you get the best running pair for your feet.

1. Shop during the day instead of at night

Ok, this may sound rediculous, but shop for your shoes during the day. During the day feet swell the same way they do in a training run so when you try on different sizes during the day you are more likely to get the best fit for your feet.

2. Know your foot type

There are basically three foot types based on footprint. Some people have flat feet, others have high arc feet while and then the rest have normal feet. Specific athletics shoes are modeled according to different footprint types hence knowing your footprint type will enable you to search for the running shoes with specific technology tailored for your footprint type.

3. Do not assume your shoe size

In athletics, precision and timing are key. What this means is that you should not approach shoe buying causally. On this aspect, take note that a size 7 of a Puma brand is not necessarily the same as the size 7 of a Nike. It pays to try different sizes and to get your feet measured before you can finally decide on a pair. Also take note that for you to pick the best pair you need to consider factors such as your running experience, the mileage you want to run as well as the type of surface you will be running on. Also avoid buying running shoes just for it's looks. When it comes to running footwear, the shoes' fit and feel is more important than flair and fashion.