If you spend a lot of time at the track you know the importance of those extra milliseconds. And it is always our objective to pick up the pace and hit our set milestones in the shortest time possible. The key to this is identifying that which areas are holding you down and focusing on those areas to improve your pace.

Here are some top tips to help you acheive a faster pace when you run.

1. Practice running on the balls of your feet.

Many running coaches concur that running with the minimal portion of your feet touching the ground helps you to stay "afloat". This technique can be easily mastered by running barefoot and maintaining the technique when running in your shoes.

2. Leverage your arms.

The role that the upper limbs play in running is often downplayed. Like the role of a propeller to an aircraft, arms can boost your pace. When taking off, and as you pace through, the critical limb movements involve the way you thrust your arms backwards. This gives you the elastic assistance off the pecs and the frontal part of the shoulders. Additionally, this shortens your forward thrusts and quickens your transitions.

3. Do uphill runs.

Pick uphills or terrains that provide some level of resistance. If you are using the treadmill make use of the incline button to get a simulation of uphill resistance. This will tune your body to more rigorous running demands and when you revert to the actual running course you will fly. One of the key off track principles that will also help you run faster is resting appropriately. After rigorous workouts and routines your body needs sufficient time to recover. Results come in when you rest. Adequate resting time is required for rebuilding and recovering. Consistency is another critical principle to boosting your pace. Keeping at it will get you into good rhythm and will make the exercise a lot easier. Consistency also gives you the edge to build up to your set milestones and goals.